Rabbit Fencing

Rabbit fencing plays an important role in prevention of rabbit damage when erected correctly to the right specifications. Here at East Anglian Wildlife Management we understand the capabilities of rabbits which is often not the case with non specialist companies.

In our experience many fencing contractors use poor quality materials as well as having the netting too low and not buried deep enough into the ground. This is mainly due to the fact that they underestimate a rabbits capability which can allow rabbits to chew threw, climb over or dig under supposedly rabbit proof fencing.

At East Anglian Wildlife Management we use high quality materials which in turn means not only are our rabbit proof fences effective but also long lasting. Each job is different and the requirements for an effective fence may vary. However our standard fence consists of 4ft heavy duty netting fitted to two high tensile straining wires whilst being held in place by sturdy posts placed no further than 5meters apart. The netting is buried to the correct depth and gates are fitted where needed, which along with our fences are installed to be rabbit proof against both adult and young rabbits.

In most circumstances we use our specialised rabbit fencing plough. This piece of machinery enables us to erect fencing quickly and precisely whilst burring the netting to the required depth. We can fit netting onto existing fences (such as post and rail, stock netting and chain link fencing etc) as well as those specifically erected for the prevention of rabbit damage. With the use of our plough we can erect substantial amounts of netting in a short space of time, therefore allowing us to install fencing much cheaper than most other contractors.

For jobs in confined areas that restrict the use of our plough we can use more traditional means whilst still maintaining the high quality and effectiveness of our rabbit fencing.

In many cases it would be helpful to install drop boxes along the fence to enable us to quickly catch any rabbits that are trying to breach the fence and get back onto your land. A member of staff will be happy to advise you on any aspect of rabbit proofing your land or answer any questions you may have.

The general specifications for rabbit proof fencing are provided by the Wood­land Trust, Forestry Commission and the BCTV. We generally work to the following:

Straining posts: 2.1m x 125-150mm diameter
Struts: 2.1m x 75-100mm diameter
Intermediates: 1.7m x 50-75mm diameter
Line wires: Two, mild-steel of 4mm dia (2.5mm is normally sufficient though)
Netting: Galvanised, 31mm hole size, 1050mm height (width)
Staples: Max of 30mm
Finished height: Minimum of 750–800 mm above ground
Bottom: Either turned out 150mm towards rabbit pressure or dug in to the ground 150mm.

We prefer to dig our netting in but there are occassions when turning out is the only option.

Our experience shows us that a straining post every 50m is sufficient, or where changes of direction or elevation are encountered. We aim to place intermediates every 4m although this is somewhat dependant on ground conditions.

Rabbit proof fencing can be installed as a stand alone option although we often install it as a combination fence with either post and rail or deer fencing for example.

A member of staff will be happy to talk through individual requirements and advise where necessary


Rabbit Drop Boxes

Rabbit boxes are a type of multiple live catch trap which works in conjunction with rabbit proof fencing. Normally, however, they can be installed along chain link and most types of panel fencing.

The traps allow rabbits free passage through the fence line via a tunnel over the buried holding cellar. Rabbits will always take the line of least resistance which in turn stops the rabbits damaging the fence, giving it a longer life span.

Rabbit proof fencing alone seldom stops determined rabbits from visiting their favourite feeding ground, in most cases where drop boxes are not used they will dig under, climb over or chew through the fence. This problem is magnified if the fence isn't erected to the correct standards. Fencing alone will only delay the problem however, more measures need to be taken to solve it.

Once the trap door system is set the traps will catch as many rabbits that pass through overnight. From as few as one to as many as fifty. This long term, low labour and effective method also has the benefit that any non-target species can be released unharmed.

At East Anglian Wildlife Management we offer the service of correct rabbit proof fencing, supply, installation and monitoring. The galvanised steel drop boxes are guaranteed for 20 years.

These traps are best situated along fence lines where rabbits visit from adjacent areas which have been difficult to clear using other means such as motorways, railway lines, a neighbour or if a discreet service is needed in public areas.

Otter Fencing

Otters can be a problem for fishing lakes and ponds, catching and consuming large quantities of fish. An otter proof fence will provide the protection needed for the ponds. It is an effective method of managing the otters. Otters are agile and can climb, dig and squeeze through narrow gaps, so to fence against otters, a correctly designed fence using specially manufactured net is essential.

Please contact us for more infomation.

Badger Fencing & Gates

If you need to keep badgers out, then you need our badger fencing. Badgers will dig and break their way through most barriers placed across their regular runs, and will cross any road that is in their way.

Our Badger Fencing is manufactured from innovative, flexible high tensile wires which are laid underground to stop badgers from burrowing. It is sometimes essential to exclude badgers from dangerous road developments, forestry operations, gardens, golf courses etc.

The unique 8cm spacing between vertical wires provides the strength required for restricting badgers, and enables it to double as effective stock fencing. Badger Fencing can easily be laid underground, curving away from the posts. In addition, it provides a degree of ‘give’ and retains its shape over the long term, without needing costly maintenance or repairs.

By ordering your Badger Fencing from us, you are guaranteed a quality product, delivered to site quickly and efficiently, and we can give you specialist advice when you need it.

Badger Gates

Badger gates can be installed in the badger proof fence where the fence crosses badger foraging paths, these can be set to allow two way access through the badger fencing or set so that access is only possible in one direction where badgers are to be excluded from a certain area. Badger gates can also be installed in other types of fencing, such as rabbit fencing, stock fencing etc where these cross badger tracks. Badgers are known to stick to known paths and will attempt to destroy any structures that are put in its way, badgers gates can therefore provide a means of keeping a path open and safeguard the surrounding structure.